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Windomation from Sean Bogunia (Sean Bogunia)



You ask a spectator to choose a card and to loose it in the deck.

You turn toward the window behind you and you show there is nothing on.

Now you throw the deck on the window: all the cards snap the window and fall on the flour but one remains stuck to.

Even better: not only the card remains struck to the window but it’s on the other side. To prove it, you pass the hand on the window as if you wanted to catch it.

For an amazing ending, you take a cloth to wipe the window and the card vanishes… the audience is completely enjoyed.

  • Very visual trick.
  • Performable on all windows.
  • Performable with an ordinary card as well as a jumbo card.
  • Delivered with the instructional DVD, the gimmicks and the remote control.
  • Almost without restraint.


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Difficulty of level 5 for this magic's trick