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The Magicaplanet advantages

The "Loyalty Points"

Enjoy this new system who will significantly reduce your expenses.

NEW : Magic discounted with Magicaplanet ! For your pleasure, your shop has implemented a system of loyalty points to make you win a mountain of gifts, but also in order to save you money. Discover below the resolution of loyalty points and the list of gifts offered.

Regulation and function of loyalty points:
There are currently on our site many products that makes you win some bonus points. You can easily recognize these products because the amount of bonus points is clearly stated next to the product concerned.
You will be able to accumulate without limit of points because loyalty points are without expiration date.
You must be logged into your customer space to choose some Magicaplanet’s fidelity gifts. To see de details.

    What are your points for:

  • You can use them to order one of the many gifts that we offer. They are numerous, varied and have different point values. You can find the catalog of these items in the category “Cadeaux fidélité”.
  • You can even use the points in order to transform them in money. Remember that 10 points accumulated should be transformed to 4 €. So you can at any time reduce the amount of your order. You will need a minimum of 10 pts to convert them.


  • If you want to turn them into gift, just go in the fidelity gifts’s category and add the desired item to your order.
    Caution: Be aware that if you order the gift alone, you will pay the shipping costs. If you do not want to pay postage unnecessary, it would be better to combine the gift with an order you need to make.
  • If you want to turn them to money, you'll have the opportunity at the last step of the ordering process. You will just have to click on the tab "transform my points".

Collect Magicaplanet's loyalty points indicated by a yellow sphere next to some items and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Avantage MagicaplanetOrder one of the many gifts Carte à la corde = 15 points ; Automatic Wild Cards = 10 points...
  • Avantage MagicaplanetTransform them in money 10 points accumulated should be transformed to 4 €
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