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Tie pin juan (Juan Pablo Ibañez)

Tie pin juan - juan-pablo ibanez


The effect:

A card is selected by a member of the audience, and then replaced in the pack.

While the spectator shuffles the deck, the magician removes his tie, announcing he will use it as a sword to try and stab the chosen card.

He retrieves the deck and fans the cards.

The magician whips his tie over the fan and very clearly, a card is seen to be stabbed at the end of the's the chosen card!

The spectator himself removes the card and everything may be handed out for complete examination.

An unbelievable effect!

  • Comes with a prepared tie ready to use, an extra gimmick which you can use in your own tie and detailed instructions.

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    Difficulty of level 3 for this magic's trick
    Pdf instructions in French