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Dvd Daryl's Card Revelations Vol.1 ( Daryl)

Dvd Daryl's Card Revelations Vol.1 - daryl


Daryl – World Champion Magician and sleight of hand artist extraordinaire brings you the first in a series of videos teaching the finest methods for revealing selected cards. Daryl has extensively researched literally hundreds of magic books, magazines and lectures notes to seek out and bring you the finest card revelations available. Here he presents 23 of the very best. The extra time and attention Daryl pays to giving you the details will make your learning experience as easy and effective as possible. You’re in for a treat !


  • Chicago Opener (Frank EVERHART)

  • Happy Birthday Card (Daryl)

  • Himber’s Name Cards (Richard HIMBER)

  • Boston’s Card Stab (George BOSTON & Daryl)

  • Poker Voice / Lie Detector (Al BAKER)

  • Circus Card Trick

  • Skullocation (Qtuart JUDAH)

  • Moving Pencil (Harry LORAYNE)

  • Secret Mathematician (Findley)

  • Face Up Locator

  • Psychological Force

  • Card At Selected Number

  • Spectator Stop

  • Simple Mind Reading

  • Business Card Prophecy (Bill SIMON)

  • Rub-A-Dub-Dub

  • Rising Aces (Marconick)

  • 21 Force

  • Pivot Revelation #1 (Bruce CERVON)

  • Long Distance Spinner (Audley WALSH)

  • Knock Out

  • Gag Sandwich

    Language : english.

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