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The Magicaplanet advantages

5% discount for high orders

Go ahead performing your magic thanks to Magicaplanet. You will enjoy with this new discount.

For every order higher than 150 €, you will benefit of a special 5% discount !

As soon as your order is upper than 150 €, the amount is automaticly calculated in the last step of the online ordering process.

For exemple : Curtains of scene Spider Evoflex, whose cost is 899 €, will be instantly discounted and will cost only 854,05 €. That is wonderfull, isn’t it?

You can add other offers like promotions, flash sales and fidelity points adventages to this automatic discount for high orders.
By the way, you can not add offers like present’s codes and the 10% who offers the card of menmber

Collect Magicaplanet's loyalty points indicated by a yellow sphere next to some items and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Avantage MagicaplanetOrder one of the many gifts Carte à la corde = 15 points ; Automatic Wild Cards = 10 points...
  • Avantage MagicaplanetTransform them in money 10 points accumulated should be transformed to 4 €
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