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Silk in bottle ( Tora Magic)

Silk in bottle - tora-magic


This can be a quick trick or full routine, you can add in your own bits of business with silly wands and magic words. When the handkerchief has vanished, you can try and find it in various places before giving up and announcing that magic is thirsty work. Go and retrieve the bottle, without looking at it properly and take a sip – then cough and splutter as you realise the handkerchief is inside!


Talk about how we feel empty like the bottle. But here's the good news - God invites each of us to receive Jesus into our life, to be filled with his love and grace.

Use the yellow handkerchief to represent the Jesus or God’s love and grace. The colour yellow reminds us how precious and valuable (like gold) is this gift. Make the hanky disappear in your hands - pointing out how many people miss the opportunity to put their lives into God's safe hands.

Magically make the hanky reappear in the bottle, the perfect point to talk about the love of God filling our lives and transforming us from the inside out.

A highly memorable way of getting the message across!

  • Easy to do
  • Highly visual
  • One of the best versions we’ve seen
  • Perfect for birthday parties, stage shows and much more
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    Difficulty of level 2 for this magic's trick