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Magic Wine List ( Tora Magic)

Magic Wine List - tora-magic


The Magician shows a Wine List to the audience and then shows the pages of this wine list. There are different wine pictures on each page. Then he turns over the book and shows a wine picture to the audience. And then he appears the real wine bottle from the book. Then he shows another wine bottle and appears its real wine bottle again. The magician totally shows 5 wine bottle pictures and appears 5 real wine bottles in this way. You can perform this new item easily in every place; You can perform it in different stages; in restaurants, hotels and etc. Also you can open the 5th bottle and pure some wine to glasses for the audience. So that the 5th one is a real wine bottle. This item comes with a special book (wine list) and 4 magic wine bottles. Please consider the 5th wine bottle is a real one, so you should buy a real wine bottle too. The real wine bottle should be in small size that could be place into the 4th bottle. Of course the magician can appears the 5th bottle another bottle like water bottle or Pepsi or etc…
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Difficulty of level 2 for this magic's trick