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DVD Expert Impromptu Magic Made Easy Vol.3 (Tom Mullica)

DVD Expert Impromptu Magic Made Easy Vol.3
DVD Expert Impromptu Magic Made Easy Vol.3


Volume 3:

Tom Mullica is the king ot impromptu magic.

Working for over two decades behind the bar, Tom is truly an encyclopedia of magic.

Tom can do magic with just about any object, and on this three-volume set of DVD, he not only performs over 70 effects, he teaches you how to do them too!


  • Set Fifteen
    - Piano Matches
    - Vanishing Comb
    - Mind Reading

  • Set Sixteen
    - Double Drawer Matches
    - Dropped Box Matches
    - Broken and Restored Band

  • Set Seventeen
    - Two-Match Transfer
    - Bill to Matches
    - Chink-a-Chink

  • Set Eighteen
    - The Bill Roll
    - The Burned Bill
    - The Hell Tear

  • Set Nineteen
    - The Crying Quarter
    - Collar Coin Vanish
    - Vanishing Penny

  • Set Twenty
    - Stern Paper Fold
    - Coin Thru Pants
    - Pencil Coin Vanish

  • Set Twenty-one
    - Travelling Match #2
    - Cellophane Surprise
    - Coin Thru Hand

  • Set Twenty-two
    - Swallowing a Knife
    - Stretching the Arm
    - Removable Finger
    - Removable Thumb

  • Set Twenty-three
    - T.V. Coin Production
    - Glass Thru Table
    - Smoke Cocktail

  • Set Twenty-four
    - Paul Harris' Fizz Master

Language: English.
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