DVD Expert Cigarette Magic Made Easy ! Vol.2 (Tom Mullica)

DVD Expert Cigarette Magic Made Easy ! Vol.2


In most of our collective magical lifetimes there has only been one man, and one act, who over and over again fooled the bejeesus out of magicians and laymen alike : of course, we are talking about Tom MULLICA and his cigarette-eating act. Tom’s act is so magical and so unique, it has never been duplicated. All of us at one time at another have uttered the now-familiar refrain : “Where in the heck did those cigarettes go?” And we were fooled over and over again.


  • To-Bac Routine
  • Card IS Cigarette
  • Routined Va,ish
  • New Year’s Cigarette
  • Ashes Through Hand
  • Cork-Tip Cigarette
  • 4-Cig Production
  • Behind the Ear Vanish
  • Jumping Cigarette
  • Torn N’ Restored Cigarette Paper
  • Orange You Gonna Do A Cigarette trick?
  • Yell Vanish
  • Justice Stamp-Out
  • One From 20
  • Light Up
  • Cellophane Surprise
  • Rolling a Cigarette
  • Pipe Dream
  • Pantomime Cig #2
  • Bonus : A performance of Tom’s F.I.S.M Act

    Language : English.

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    No Difficulty for this magic's trick