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Deluxe 2 Shot Magic Wand (Dark Blue and black) (Victor Voitko)



This is a professional quality double shooting magic wand. This BLUE Style wands has a BLUE middle and colored tips. You can choose the color of the tips what you want - Black, White, Gold, Silver. Our DeLuxe 2 Shot Magic Wand is beautifully hand crafted, using quality materials: anodized and painted aluminum and stainless steel. The caps wand twisted into our wand. Very easy to operate and works all the time. At anytime during your performance , you can produce a bang or a bang and a flash - to really grab their attention, or make an impact. With just a simple flick of the wrist you can create that magical FLASH and a BANG sound to highlight any part of your show. With our DeLuxe 2 Shot Magic Wand you can repeat the "bang and flash" IMMEDIATELY without reloading one more time. Our magic wand you can use like the regular one, right through your show. Wand has the CORRECT length and the WEIGHT. The length is 34 cm and a diameter is 1 cm. Very easy to manipulate. Our wands can be used to manipulate. We have a lot of different colors - Black, Gold, Blue, Red, Silver. Requires a plastic caps (sold separately) for bang. Requires a flash paper and cotton for flash. For the quickest flash, use flash paper. If you want a flash that burns a little longer (I'd estimate the flash will appear twice as long as with flash paper), use flash cotton. The more you use the longer the throw of the fire. Wand requires Strip Caps and Flash Paper (sold separately). Can use Flash Cotton for a longer flash.
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Difficulty of level 2 for this magic's trick