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DVD Jumbo Coins and Routines - 20 coins (Victor Voitko)

DVD Jumbo Coins and Routines - 20 coins - victor voitko


Now Viktor is sharing those hard earned lessons which are featured on this instructional DVD. Here he teaches his original, new and most startling coin moves and sleights, for close-up and parlor shows. Included within are productions, vanishes, transpositions, flights ... *Coin1 *Coin 2 *Coins appearance *Coin one-hand appearance 1 * Coin one-hand appearance 2 *Coin flight 1 * Coin flight 2 * Coin flight 3 *Bonus Included with each DVD are 20 specially made coins for practice and performance. Each coin measures 2-inches ( 5 cm ) wide, but is exceptionally thin at approximately 4mm for 10 pieces. Very light. Sharp milled edge and nurling, making it easy to palm in any position. Coins are available in two colors - golden and silver.
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Difficulty of level 3 for this magic's trick