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Wow Ink (Victor Voitko)



"A pen that allows for a great variety of routines, can be carried with you anytime and allows you to perform with an organic item such as a pen and create some very strong miracles.
There is SO much material on how to use these pens that it should inspire you to come up with your own ideas."


An unbelievable amount of effects with this one trick.
This pen will add rare abilities to your everyday magic routine.

And now with the help of this pen, you can:

1. Vanishing. Erase ink from any surface anywhere
2. Transport . Transport ink and also turn it into any inscription.
3. Hands prediction . You can turn a line on your hand into a prediction.
4. Appearance. You can appear any small object just by drawing it on your hand, or on the audience.
5. Balance. Impossibly balancing this pen right on your fingertip.
6. Prediction. This pen will also include a card prediction that will add uniqueness to your card routines.
And just for you, inside there is also a Bonus.

- Telekinesis of pen
- Balance of the pen on a spectator’s phone
- Telekinesis
- Trick with your phone and much more…..

- Has a stylish design.
- Always with you.
- Can be examined.
- Wherever you are, at school, in the office, or on the street, you are always ready to amaze!
- The kit includes two pens. One has the card image, and the second has the special ink. Or you can use all the effects in one pen.

This set includes:
Special pen – 2
Repair kit – 1
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Difficulty of level 3 for this magic's trick