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Milk Pitcher

Milk Pitcher
Milk Pitcher
Milk Pitcher


The pitcher empties on its own!!! Milk is poured and then vanishes into a paper cone, a hat or a child's ear.

A pitcher of some 2 liters can be emptied in seconds!!! You may use it as part of your magic trick routine for children or adults, as a single magic trick or you may combine it with other Classic Line tricks found at Bazar de Magia.
This milk pitcher version is easily disassembled and cleaned.
Vanishing Milk Pitcker Pro does not need any funnel and has got an easy-to-clean removable magnet gimmick.

Reset is automatic.

Pitch Dimensions Approximately: 8.5"" Tall x 5"" Wide
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Difficulty of level 2 for this magic's trick
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