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Tarantula II (Yigal Mesika)

Tarantula II


We're 100% confident you will love every aspect of The Tarantula 2. SOUL TECHNOLOGY (SLEEP MODE): Soul Technology! It's always ready when you are. When you pull the thread it's always on thread retraction mode (on mode). The motor goes to sleep mode after 30 seconds of none use, this is designed to save battery capacity. The motor is turned on again only once the thread is pulled. LOCKING THREAD SETUP: With the original Tarantula, you would have to have a complicated setup to lock the desired thread length in place. With the Tarantula II there is no need for any setup because the new battery is engineered to hold the weight of a floating object in any desired place. This is due to its ability to have a consistent and strong power supply. DOWNLOAD OR STREAMING: We have had a few requests for a downloadable version of the video tutorials, however, we only have the option to stream the videos, one major reason for this is to avoid piracy. If your internet speed can't stream smoothly please set the video quality to auto or choose a lower resolution. HOW TO KNOW WHEN THE BATTERY IS LOW: The battery will last you for 2 hours of performance time. The indication of when it's time to charge the battery is from a rapid on/off tugging motion from the motor while you are pulling on the thread. You can still finish the current performance when this happens but make sure to charge it afterward. Make sure to charge it at least once every 4 months, even if not in use to keep the shelf life of the battery. Which is common practice with other types of rechargeable batteries. Please explore and enjoy the Tarantula 2, we thank you for your loyal patience and support!
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Difficulty of level 5 for this magic's trick