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Disappearing card case (Bicycle)

Disappearing card case (Bicycle)
Disappearing card case (Bicycle)
Disappearing card case (Bicycle)


This illusion is impressive and very easy to perform.

You choose a playing card, slide it into the deck and the deck into its case. Place everything in a box on the table. Announce to the spectators that the card will disappear from the deck. Turn the case over: not only has the card disappeared, but so has the whole deck!

The case works automatically and can be shown in front of the audience. Particularly recommended for ending or introducing a cartomagic session.


  • Very easy to do
  • Poker-size case
  • Combine three cases to present an automatic bonteau
  • Impressive illusion
  • Supplied with removable card
  • Hard plastic case
  • Red Bicycle
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Difficulty of level 1 for this magic's trick
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