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Water Pull ( Vernet)

Water Pull
Water Pull
Water Pull


Effects with water, sand, salt or fire are the most impressive effects for laymen, not only for a symbolic reason but also because they are evidently difficult to handle or hide. Vernet is proud to present a really ingenious and very effective accessory to make water disappear: The Water Pull.

Effect: You show a liquor glass full of liquid and very clearly pour it into your left fist. Then, you place the empty glass into your pocket. When you open your hand the liquid has vanished and the hand is empty and dry. Finally you reproduce the glass with the liquid from your pocket.-You use real liquid, any liquid.

-Absolutely safe, no soaking.

-You actually pour real liquid in your fist.
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Difficulty of level 2 for this magic's trick
 Pdf instructions in Spanish Pdf instructions in English
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