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DVD Esoteric (G. Bakner) (Gérard Bakner)

DVD Esoteric (G. Bakner) - gerard bakner


People have always been fascinated by esotericism.

In this DVD, Gérard Bakner teaches you thirteen tricks in the field of esotericism using rune stones, tarot cards, voodoo phenomenon, Nostradamus predictions, stones, diaries…

Gérard Bakner’s routines use great principles that require only a few sleights of hands.


  • Laguz

  • 7 stones

  • Voodoo

  • Past, present, future

  • Berkano

  • Nostradamus

  • In the mirror

  • Agenda N°1

  • Lenormand

  • Agenda N°2

  • A splendid day

  • Agenda N°3

  • Loto

Language: English and french, Running time: 1h20 , DVD multi-region.


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Difficulty of level 2 for this magic's trick
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