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Cosmosis (Ben Harris)

Cosmosis - ben harris


EffectHere's the original classic, back again after over a decade with the real gaff, rewritten instructions and great new photos! A card is selected, examined and signed front and back - read that again, the CARD IS SIGNED FRONT AND BACK! A match is borrowed and placed on the card. The card is flexed to energize it. Note that the match does not move during the pre-flexing. When desired, the match floats off the back of the card and a finger ring may be passed over the floating match to prove the absence of support! Then, the match slowly floats back down and once again, all may be examined! As a finale, the effect is repeated and this time the match leaps several feet into the air! Everything can again, be examined! Comes with the correct gaff, extra supplies and detailed instructions.
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Difficulty of level 1 for this magic's trick