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No smoking (Jean Luc Bertrand)

No smoking
No smoking


Perform a a routine with lighters of more than 4 minutes, wich effects are full of incrementing reboundings that end with a fabulous Climax!!!

This routine is only based on the paddle move. So it is very simple to perform.

  • Delivered with all the required gimmicked lighters.
  • Online Instructions in french, english and spanish!
  • Online Instructions with a lot of bonus, advices…

    Once you master this routine, you will the ace of the paddle move!


    - Paddle move
    - Snap move
    - Spin paddle
    - Twist paddle
    - Vanishing

    - Blinking effect
    - Permanent alteration

    - Double paddle
    - Climax

    - Live on TV
    - Blinked again
    - Dvd trailers

    Professional thoughts:

    'During years, I have seen this routine evolves to become a truly small theatre piece. There is so many magic that the audience is totally lost. It a very visual piece of close-up, with multiple phases and a fabulous climax' - Greg Wilson

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    Difficulty of level 3 for this magic's trick
    Pdf instructions in French Pdf instructions in Spanish Pdf instructions in English
     Video instructions in French  Video instructions in Spanish  Video instructions in English