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DVD Extreme Card Magic vol.2 (J. Rindfleisch) (Joe Rindfleish)

DVD Extreme Card Magic vol.2 (J. Rindfleisch)
DVD Extreme Card Magic vol.2 (J. Rindfleisch)


There are card tricks... you know the ones – the pick-a-card-any-card affairs that are usually boring to perform and even more so to watch.

Then there’s card magic... where the cards do impossible things as if they had a life of their own.

Effects like these are a joy to perform and mind-boggling and thoroughly entertaining to watch. This is the realm of Joe Rindfleisch.

The man behind the very popular Extreme Rubber Band Magic and Extreme Coin Magic DVDs, is back and this time, he’s turning his creative energies towards the pasteboards.

In this two-volume series, you’ll see – and learn – some of the most innovative and intertaining card magic ever created.

This is card magic – to the extreme!


  • CARD ACT 4

    Poker dealing aces
    Four Aces mysteriously vanish yet the performer, as he deals out a round of Poker, is able to make them reappear in any hand the spectator chooses.

    Up up and away
    A spot card rises, one position at a time, right through a four-card packet to finally, and visibly, appear right on top!

    Aces to kings transpo
    The four Aces are placed reversed into the center of the deck. The four Kings, set aside earlier, suddenly change into Aces. When the deck is spread, the reversed cards are the Kings!

    Triumphant triumph
    A deck, shuffled face up into face-down, is magically righted except for one card – a previously-peeked selection. A great version of the Triumph plot – and it’s all done in the hands!

    A new myth (Joe Rindfleisch & Ken Krenzel)
    The deck is divided into two halves and two spectators each peek at a card in a different half. The packets are mixed yet when the cards are dealt out, the two selections appear at exactly the same position in each. A wonderful new take on the classic Smith’s Myth.

  • CARD ACT 5

    Still pointing
    Joe’s version of Elmsley’s Point of Departure. A selected card vanishes from between two Jokers and reappears reversed in the pack.

    Jazz in order
    In this completely revamped take on Peter Kane’s Jazz Aces, three cards vanish one at a time when placed between two Jokers, only to assemble with the leader card.

    3 Card observation test
    It’s just an Ace, a Two and a Three – just three cards – but the spectators are unable to keep track of them no matter how closely they watch.

    Signed sandwich
    In this terrific variation of Hamman’s The Signed Card, a selected and signed card turns out to be the card that was lying in plain sight even before the effect began.

    Thrown up sandwich
    A selected card is placed into the center of the pack yet it instantly appears between two Jokers on the top.

  • CARD ACT 6

    New slop shuffle
    A spectator selects a card from amongst 26 and those cards are then shuffled face up into face down. The cards are then spread and all of them have righted themselves save for one – the spectator’s selection.

    Divider card (Joe Rindfleisch & Marc DeSouza)
    An oil and water effect based on Roy Walton’s Divided We Stand. Six red cards and six black cards are shuffled by the spectators and placed above and below a Joker. When the cards are turned over, it’s found that the spectators (and the Joker) have separated the colors.

    Joe cartoon
    A photograph of the performer, glued to the back of a Joker, magically changes several times to finally reveal a spectator’s selected card.

  • CARD ACT 7

    Card case revelation
    The image of a selected card suddenly appears on the card case – well, half of it. The deck is removed from the box and the other half of the card is found inside.

    No gaff princess card
    The classic Princess Card Trick – with absolutely no gimmicked cards! A classic of magic now ready to perform anytime!

    Between the sheets
    The card to impossible place plot just took on a entirely new meaning. A selected and signed card is found in the middle of a roll of toilet paper.

Language: English, Running time: 1h46

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