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DVD Les vrais secrets de la magie (Stone) (David Stone)

DVD Les vrais secrets de la magie (Stone)
DVD Les vrais secrets de la magie (Stone)


This DVD includes useful information for the ones who want to involve themselves in magic and tranform their passion in a job.

This is the new DVD ‘’The real secrets of magic’’ !!! in which David Stone allow you to benefit from his experiences and show you all the errors you have to avoid. How to react with a difficult audience, which are the traps to avoid, how to manage the dificult conditions.

Also you will discover 19 complete routines with the humour and the profesionalism of D.Stone. They will allow you to perform magic table to table in order to begin the job of profesional magician through a funny and original film.

This DVD won the award of the best magic film 2006 in Las Vegas. David Stone has just won a world award in the world championship of the FISM 2006.


  • Introduction (Hermes), …
  • Le Métier – The Job (one coin routine).
  • Les Obstacles – Working Conditions (Hallucination).
  • La Magie Verticale – Stand up Magic ‘Ghost).
  • Les tours –The Routines (Watch Out).
  • Les Numéros – The Acts (Bonneteau – Hierling)
  • Trouver un Restaurant – Finding a Restaurant (ATM)< br>
  • L’adaptation – The Adaptation (Flash Card)
  • Avec le Personnel – With the Staff (Crossed)
  • Le Maitre d’Hôtel – The Maitre d’hotel (Cig Clean)
  • Techniques d’approche – Approaching Techniques (Cards)
  • Le Moment d’Intervention – When to Perform (Coin Glass – Voile Rouge)
  • Aborder les Tables – Performing at the Tables (Traveler)
  • Le Leader – The Leader (Sponge)
  • Le Tour d’Entrée – The opening Trick (Flash Deck – Snow Ball)
  • L’effet de Surprise – The Surprise Effect (Napkin)
  • Le refus – The Refusal (Bite Me)

    BONUS :

  • Making of
  • Short Movie
  • Galerie Photos
  • Zakary Belamy
  • Yannick Chretien Teaser


    Language : French, English - Time: 152 mn – DVD Multizone.

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    Difficulty of level 2 for this magic's trick