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Cups and Balls - A Treatise on the World's Oldest

Cups and Balls - A Treatise on the World's Oldest
Cups and Balls - A Treatise on the World's Oldest


Balls appear, vanish and pass though cups… does it intrigue you ?

So look through this book and learn how to perform different tricks with thecups and balls.

This book Cups & Balls, A Treatise on the World’s Oldest Deception, includes step-by-step instructions about the trick bases. The methods and sleights described along the illustrated pages will allow you to perform numerous routines with the cups and balls.

The famour Dai Vernon’s classic, Impromptu Cups and Balls Routine is described in minute detail as well.


  • The basic routine.

  • Terminology.

  • Tools for the job .

  • Essential sleights.
    - Finger palm, The false transfer, Basic load #1, Basic load #2, Tip-over load, Steals, The inertia move, The scoop move.

  • Trick cups?.
    - Scewing a cup together, Wand through cup, Cup through cup, Measuring a cup.

  • Patter and misdirection.

  • Dai Vernon’s Impromptu Cups and Balls Routine.
    - Required, Gone and back again, Invisible flight, Gathering under centre cup, Final load sequence.

  • Additional phases / sequences.
    - Two none two, inexhaustible cups, stacked appearance, penetration sequence, producing balls from the wand, through the table.

  • Unusual effects with cups.
    - Don Alan’s silk production, Alex Elmsley’s salt finale.

  • Final thoughts.

  • Detailes instructions of the way to do the trick.
  • Black and white illustrations to help you.
  • For beginners as well as for professionals.
  • A lot of information for a small price.

    32 illustrated pages. English language.
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