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Extreme Hanky (Sean Bogunia)

Extreme Hanky
Extreme Hanky


At anytime during your show, you take a bottle and put a hanky inside. You then make the hanky dance at your control, put a cork on the top and then walk out into the audience! Unbelievable?? Yes!

Now take the bottle, hand it to a spectator, or 2 or 3 spectators! Walk around in the audience as the hanky wiggles in the bottle!

Command the hanky to stop, wiggle, jump, dance and it obeys! Bring a participant up on stage and as the participant holds the bottle, tell the hanky to fly through a hoop and into your case or other stage prop! All this is possible with Sean Bogunia's Extreme Hanky!

Imagine the excitement when you hand the bottle to a child and see the expression on their face as they control the actions of the hanky in the bottle! Never before has there been such a powerful jaw-dropping Dancing Hank effect that allows you to actually join your audience as they participate in this amazing routine! Now you can get off the stage and bring the fun directly to your audience. Stop performing for them and start performing with them!

What You Get

The Extreme Hanky comes with everything you need to perform right away! (Hoop is not included)

Perform Practically Anywhere!

No Backdrops needed! Can be done close up such as in a library, school, cabaret, in the round, or in a home, or even outside! Easy to set up! It is under your control at all times!

Extreme Guarantee

Only from Ultimate Magic Productions......The Extreme Hanky comes with our exclusive Extreme Warranty! If your Extreme Hanky ever breaks, we will replace or repair it FREE for as long as you own it! (Shipping not included)

"It's Real Magic!"

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Difficulty of level 3 for this magic's trick
 Video instructions in English