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Hyrum The Haunted Hanky

Hyrum The Haunted Hanky
Hyrum The Haunted Hanky
Hyrum The Haunted Hanky
Hyrum The Haunted Hanky


You take a handkerchief and you show both sides to prove it’s an ordinary silk. Then you fold it and you place it on the table.

Now you’re going to picture a imaginary thread that links your hand to the handkerchief. You pull on the thread… And the silk stand up!

You jerk on the thread to break it and the silk lays down on the table.

This time you’re going to move it without the imaginary thread, just with you mental powers. The handkerchief begins to move, as it was enchanted by a spirit that follows your instructions.

  • This trick is very easy to perform and very amazing for the audience.

  • It follows all your desires to enjoy the spectators.

  • You can perform this trick closer to the audience.

  • Delivered complete ready for use.

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    Difficulty of level 1 for this magic's trick
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