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Priceless (Richard Sanders)



ANY PRICE NAMED is instantly seen HANGING ON A PRICE TAG... anywhere on your clothing! From the minds of Michel Huot and Richard Sanders comes a comedy mentalism breakthrough. Effect: Walk up to anyone... "How much do you think I paid for my jacket?" They name ANY PRICE, example "$84.25" (which you jot down on a notepad) Immediately, you look up and say, "I didn't pay $84.25 for my jacket" "In fact, I didn't pay anything for it... I just took it!" Instantly, you remove your jacket, REVEALING A SECURITY TAG with a price tag hanging from it. (This is a very funny moment!) As the laughter subsides... they notice the price on the price tag... miraculously, it's $84.25! Priceless is an organic, impossible prediction built into a comedy prop, a security tag. This can be played for laughs or as a serious mentalism piece. Any numbers named instantly appears on a price tag hanging from ANY PART OF YOUR CLOTHING. - Inside your jacket - On your back - On the back of your shirt (with your jacket over it) - Under the collar of your jacket - and more... Priceless comes with: - 1 Custom designed security tag gimmick - 2 different plastic, dry/wet erase price tags (that will last a lifetime) - 1 wet erase marker - A 90 minute video tutorial guiding you though every nuance of this amazing effect - Plus LIVE PERFORMANCES both ON STAGE at a comedy club and CLOSE-UP in various venues Features: - Close-up or stage - Easy to do - Self contained gimmick - 3 SECOND RESET for close-up workers - Simple set-up - Just clip it anywhere and go
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Difficulty of level 3 for this magic's trick