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The Comic Magician for Children (Marco Critelli)

The Comic Magician for Children
The Comic Magician for Children


If you are a simple enthusiast or a professional performer, this book could be your entrance ticket into the fantastic world of children. Who has ever performed even a simple magic trikc in front of a child knows what the meaning of astonishment and amazement means ! Children will observe you, studying every moment of criticism that knows no half terms., which can put in difficulty even the most experienced of performers. Enjoyment, colors and rhythm are the keys to success with such a demanding audience, yet who have such a desire to enjoy themselves.


  • Welcome to the fantastic world of magic !
  • Key words
  • An important audience : children
  • Techniques of participation
  • The guest of honor
  • The magician
  • The stage
  • The props
  • The animals
  • It’s not magic, but…
  • The art of balloon sculpturing
  • The tricks : basic techniques
  • The tricks : complete routines
  • The outline
  • What to do it…
  • How to make a show the first of a long serie

    Language : italian, english - Format : 21 x 29,7 cm - 264 pages

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