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Star Struck (Jay Sankey)

Star Struck - jay sankey


STARSTUCK is like a double-barrelled shotgun. Pure magic, and pure mentalism, combined! One spectator selects a shape from among a collection of 12 common shapes, including a square, circle, star, heart, oval, diamond, rectangle, etc. And a second spectator freely names ANY card in the pack. A few moments later, the chosen shape is found BURNT through the middle of the named card!!! Immediately repeat the effect with a DIFFERENT card! Easy to do! No sleight-of-hand! Instantly resets! Can be performed surrounded! Amaze people with Starstruck close-up and stand-up! Comes complete with very special Bicycle brand cards, a custom-printed packet of 12 'shape cards,' and a 60-minute DVD including many different handlings and presentations for this reputation-making effect!
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Difficulty of level 2 for this magic's trick