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Scotch & Soda 1 Euro Magnetic

Scotch & Soda 1 Euro Magnetic
Scotch & Soda 1 Euro Magnetic


First possibility :

Give a spectator a 1 €uro coin and a 50 cents €uro to hold behind his back. Bet the spectator that you can remove one of the coins he is holding - without touching him!

When he opens his hand, the 50 Cents €uro has magically disappeared and a 1 €uro has taken its place! This version of Scotch and Soda is the finest made.

Second example :

You show the 2 coins and you put them in a glass and you cover it with a handkerchief. Shake it. Remove the handkerchief. A coin vanished. You can relocate it anywhere !

There are still lots of effect possible.

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Difficulty of level 3 for this magic's trick
Pdf instructions in French
 Video instructions in Spanish