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DVD Cradle to grave ( De'vo)

DVD Cradle to grave - devo


De'vo's underground card material has been talked about all over the world.
Some of his moves have become legendary in the world of visual card manipulation.

The Cradle to Grave DVD is the first publicly released product from De'vo.
All of his previous material was kept in small circles and extremely limited.
The first run of this DVD was sold out in a manner of weeks and received rave reviews from around the globe.

Step into De'vo's world to experience and learn visual card manipulation like never before!


  • CTG Intro
  • Opening Titles
  • Opening Mood Sequence
  • Demo Of All Moves
  • Ulmen Trials Story
  • Ulmen Trials Walk Through (First Eight Challenges)
  • CTG Guidelines
  • CTG Performance
  • Cobra Love Song - Promo
  • Der Ring Promo
  • Superhandz DVDs Promo
  • CTG Opener
  • Basic Flipback
  • Impossible Stack
  • CTG Closer
  • Bluff Opener
  • Birdy Fan
  • Heaven Display
  • Flipback Fan
  • Smooth Opener
  • Flipback Vanish
  • Entire Cradle To Grave Routine

    "AWESOME! Cradle to Grave blends rich images, lush soundtrack, and revolutionary technique."
    - Jeff McBride - Las Vegas Headliner

    "Cradle to Grave is simply incredible."
    - Daryl

    "Original and 'visually poetic' to watch. A must-have..."
    - Peter Duffie

    "If you think you've seen enough with cards you'll get slapped on your face."
    - Kam

    "One-of-a-kind flourishes..."
    - T.G. Murphy

    - Jerry the Flourishman

    "His DVD imparts his passion and originality like no other..."
    - Brad Christian

Language: English, Running time: 1h16

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