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Budding magician

Budding magician


  • Super telepathy or how to guess the selected number in a brass box.

  • Dynamics Coins An essential trick in magic.

  • Cups and Balls. Balls travels from one cup to another.

  • The U.F.O. deck also named the three-card-trick!!

  • The Svengali deck which is certainly the most simple and the most visual card magic effect.

  • Silk vanishing and much more... (delivered with 2 thumb tips, 2 15*15 cm silks and a 22,5*22,5 cm silk)

  • Euros teleportation, one more magic classic with a strong impact.

  • Professor's Nightmare Trick with growing and diminishing ropes.

  • The magic pen ...

    Value: € 87 that is to said 22 € saved.
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    Difficulty of level 2 for this magic's trick
    65 €58.5 Profit 10 %