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Multicolor appearing umbrella

Multicolor appearing umbrella


Parasol productions are for a long time considered as surprising and refined. Despite this reputation, their secret is still unknown.

You can produce a parasol whenever you want in your show. For example you can make it appearing from a mirror box or a Fantasta (Square Circle Deception).

With two parasols, you will be able to easily double a parasol and the effect is sure to enjoy your audience.

With three parasols, you will be able to easily make them appearing from a production silk. Imagine: you have three handkerchiefs in your hand, you just have to make a magic move and a blue parasol appears. You put it apart to make appearing a red parasol. At the end, you produce the last multicolour parasol, astonishing your audience.

Numerous productions are performable with a such accessory. They will amaze and enjoy your audiences. You can also adapt the parasols to your own personal shows to create and original and poetic routine.

  • Sold by one.
  • Colors: White, Blue, Yellow, Red.

    Height: 42,5 cm
    Opened parasol diameter: 64,5 cm
    Closed parasol diameter: 4 cm

    Also learn all the parasol production secrets with the famous Joker Lam by searching on our website his DVD (sold apart) of which you can see a teaser:
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    Difficulty of level 3 for this magic's trick