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DVD Extreme Card Magic vol.1 (J. Rindfleisch) (Joe Rindfleish)

DVD Extreme Card Magic vol.1 (J. Rindfleisch)
DVD Extreme Card Magic vol.1 (J. Rindfleisch)


There are card tricks... you know the ones – the pick-a-card-any-card affairs that are usually boring to perform and even more so to watch.

Then there’s card magic... where the cards do impossible things as if they had a life of their own.

Effects like these are a joy to perform and mind-boggling and thoroughly entertaining to watch. This is the realm of Joe Rindfleisch.

The man behind the very popular Extreme Rubber Band Magic and Extreme Coin Magic DVDs, is back and this time, he’s turning his creative energies towards the pasteboards.

In this two-volume series, you’ll see – and learn – some of the most innovative and intertaining card magic ever created.

This is card magic – to the extreme!


  • CARD ACT 1

    Magic coin
    Joe’s eclectic approach to Paul Curry’s classic Open Prediction.

    10 Mate
    A wonderful effect where two cards of like color and value are found by the performer and the spectator. Virtually self-working!

    Homing card
    A classic given the Rindfleisch treatment! An Ace repeatedly jumps from the table back to a packet of cards held in the performer’s hand. It ends with a finish that you—and your spectators—won’t believe!

    Half-moon rising (Joe Rindfleisch & Gene Maze)
    A beautiful (and impromptu!) rising card miracle.

    Process of elimin-ace-tion
    Joe combines Twisting the Aces with Hofzinzer’s Four Ace Problem and gets a winning combination!

    Rub it in their nose
    A gambling expose where the performer beats four Aces with a Royal Flush. But how? By cheating, of course!

  • CARD ACT 2

    A pen is thrust straight through a card box. When it’s removed, a deck of cards is found inside—completely unharmed!

    Four is twelve
    Cards are continually added to the four Aces yet at the end, when there should be twelve, only the four Aces remain. When they’re turned over, however, there really are twelve!

    Swivel pinch & swivel spin production
    An amazing and easy way to produce any four of a kind from a deck of cards.

    Gemini mates
    Two freely selected cards find the four Aces. A unique version of the classic Hamman plot.

    Collect call
    An eye-popping version of the Collectors plot as the four Aces visually vanish from the top of the deck and reappear again with three signed selections between them.

  • CARD ACT 3

    Overly ambitious
    A selected card continuously rises to the top of the pack no matter how many times it’s placed in the middle. Sounds familiar, right? It does, right up until the card appears face up on the top, causing the rest of the deck to also turn face up in the process. For the knock-out finish, the selection’s three mates are found reversed.

    Blacks to jacks
    Four spot cards change into Jacks one card at a time.

    Fancy cut pop out
    Another great and flourishy way to produce cards as each visibly and mysteriously appears face up as the cards are cut.

    Enie, Meanie, Mieni, Moe
    A selected card is found by a recitation of a classic children’s rhyme.

    Reverse & rise
    Another impromptu card rise as the performer causes a selected card to rise freely
    and reversed from the center of a cased deck of cards!

Language: English, Running time: 1h35

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