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DVD Magic Under Fire (H. Robson) (Harry Robson)

DVD Magic Under Fire (H. Robson) - harry robson


Faced with an array of disinterested people and very difficult and demanding conditions, watch as Harry battles against impossible odds.

Not only will he reveal the tricks of his trade, but he'll also give you hints and tips on how to deal with the harshest of working environments.

Along the way, listen to some of the hilarious things that have happened to Harry and then just pray that they won't happen to you!


  • Yesterday's Dream
    A spectator takes the deck and makes a freely chosen card appear inside a wallet held by another person the entire time. No palming, no skill!

  • Put Pocket
    A chosen card vanishes and then re-appears inside a person's pocket. A sneaky and devilish technique that will freak your audience out. Just watch the reactions that Harry gets!

  • Pen Thru Anything Switch
    Harry's practical routine for the pen thru banknote utilising a bold and cunning switch.

  • Professional Brainwave
    Harry's superb handling for the standard brainwave deck.

  • Transposition
    Two freely selected cards jump places in the spectator's hands!

  • Card in Hip Wallet
    An easy-to-do card in wallet routine using Harry's specially designed wallet, which makes this effect easier than ever before!

  • Torn & Restored Card
    A freely selected card is chosen and signed. The card is then ripped into four, only to restore inside the deck, with a ripped corner matching the restored card exactly. Incredible!

  • The Long Card Gag
    Harry's superb handling of this classic trick.

  • Think Of A Card
    From a completely shuffled deck, the spectator simply looks at a card, only for the thought of card to appear in an impossible location. This one will blow their minds!

  • Harry's Hints & Tips
    Listen to Harry as he tells you the real secrets to performing at corporate events. How to approach a table, getting your fee, dealing with the client, your arrival, safe prop storage and working with other magicians!

  • It could happen to you!
    Funny stories that have happened to Harry over the years. If it can happen to him... it could happen to you!

    Language: English, Running period: 1h20
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