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DVD Candles! (Michael P.Lair) (Michael P. Lair)

DVD Candles! (Michael P.Lair)
DVD Candles! (Michael P.Lair)
DVD Candles! (Michael P.Lair)


Discover all the secrets of the creator of Fantasio candle effects.
This DVD includes a lot of effects performable with candles. Matches, sparkles, apparitions and vanishes will allow you to enlighten your show and to amaze your audience.

This DVD will learn you:

  • Candle basics - Learn basic Fantasio candle techniques.
  • Billard balls - Learn Mickael’s flashy billiard balls routine.
  • Fan production - Produce a 24-inch fan with confetti anytime in your act.
  • Spitfire - Produce a lit candle anytime in your act.
  • Pinwheel - A candle spins emitting a beautiful shower of sparks.
  • Auto-light match - A match lights by the power of your mind.
  • Flare - A flame travels down a piece of paper, changing into a lit candle.
  • Candle to ball - A candle dramatically changes into a ball.
  • Sparkle matches - Learn how to make matches that produce sparks.
  • Billiard finale - The last billiard ball changes into a lit candle.
  • Splitfire - Split a second lit candle from the first.
  • Flash candle to cane - A candle mysteriously changes into a cane.
  • Firefall - A candle vanishes in a shower of sparks.
  • Candle to streamers - A candle magically turns into beautiful throw streamers.
  • Candle to sword - A candle magically turns into a sword.
  • Flashpin - A wand spins in a circle causing a candle to vanish.
  • Flashover - Split a lit candle into two.
  • Safety catch - Never drop you Fantasio candles again.
  • Candle rewind - A candle changes into a 30-foot reusable ribbon.
  • Rose / stripped - A rose changes into a red strip, the red strip then vanishes a candle.

    Language : English. Multizone Dvd

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