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Dvd Mc Bride magic on stage - Vol.3 Classics of ma (Jeff Mc Bride)

Dvd Mc Bride magic on stage - Vol.3 Classics of ma - jeff mc-bride


This is the third volume of a very complete Dvd serie McBride Magic on Stage named Classics of magic – Timeless Treasure of magic.

Classics of magic is an amazing Dvd in which Jeff McBride teaches you the essential elements of magic. Each of the magical effects were selected because of their timeless appeal and strong audience impact. Learn the secrets of stage magic with a master of the art.

This Dvd includes for example:

  • Dancing cane.
  • Hat steal and routine.
  • Gloves to flower.
  • Zombie floating ball.
  • The cradle.
  • Down the edge.
  • The floral finale for zombie.
  • The 20th century silks.
  • and much more.

  • All the secrets of simple but impressive routines.
  • Detailed tricks.
  • Numerous advices of the magician.
  • A personal style of the artist.

    Language : English.

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