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Dvd Easy to Master Thread Miracles - Vol.3 (Michael Ammar)

Dvd Easy to Master Thread Miracles - Vol.3 - michael ammar


There is more powerful potential in just a few feet of invisible thread than almost anything else in magic. This is magic that becomes the stuff of legends. This is the real work on storing, transporting and accessing the invisible threads you’ll use for any type of effect. The majority of this information is being revealed here for the first time in any format, and represents ideal solutions for almost any close-up, stand-up, corporate, bar or restaurant performer.

You’ll also find sources for invisible thread well worth the price of the Dvd to anyone seriously interested in performing magic with thread. You’ll see what types of thread are strongest, ranked in order of strength according to similar dimensions, and how to separate and secure individual strands of the finest invisible thread.

Some of the information featured here has previously been sold individually for large sums of money. You’ll learn the exact method Ammar used to perform the Floating Bill on The Tonight Show, as well as the Steve Fearson Hookup, which creates what some of our greatest minds have called the most amazing magic they’ve ever seen!


  • Performance

    Floating Bill

    The Super String Theory

  • Section One - Thread Strength According to Similar Diameters

  • Section Two - Securing the Ends, Separating Individual Strands

  • Section Three –Storing and Transporting

    Simple Playing Card

    Finn Jon System

    John Kennedy’s Z-Webs & Mini-Z-Webs

    The Pin & Straw System

    Sticky Mat Solution

    John Haar’s Deck Gimmick

    Clear Plastic Sticks

    Lifesaver Holders

    Wine Bottle Hookups—Corks, Ribbons, Clear Tubes

    Under-Bar Bobbins

    Mike-Stand Holders

  • Section Four – The Horizontal Two-Point Hookup Explanation

    The Floating Bill

    The Super String Theory

  • Section Five –The Steve Fearson Hookup

    The Floating Lifesaver

    James George’s Floating Spinning Ball

    Language : English.

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