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Dvd Easy to Master Thread Miracles - Vol.2 (Michael Ammar)

Dvd Easy to Master Thread Miracles - Vol.2 - michael ammar


We begin with amazing ideas and applications of the James George Invisible Thread Reel, which includes marvelously deceptive methods of passing a solid hoop over and around floating objects that are marvelously deceptive. Also included are methods for working with threads from 6 inches to 20 feet long that create magic that people will talk about for a lifetime.


  • Section 1 – Magic Using the I. T. R.

    Finn Jon’s Mystery Nut and Bolt ala I. T. R

    The Chop Cup Application

    Dave Nelson’s Dollar Bill Flight

    I. T. R. Floating Bill

    The Perfect Practice Hookup

    Open Face Hookup

    Z Grip to Lock the Thread

    Hoop Pass

    Rotating Hoop Pass

    Bloom’s Balancing Card

    Robert Henry’s Ashra Coin

    I. T. R. Whirling Card

  • Section 2 – The One-Hand Hookup

    Al Baker’s Erectile Bill

    Socrate’s Personal Chi Power

  • Section 3 – The LeClair Hookup

    Floating Bill

    The Whirling Card

  • Section 4 – The One Point Hookup

    The Animated Straw

    The Coin in Beer

    Baker’s Card from Hat

    Whirling Card

    Baker’s Ring on Pencil

  • Section 5 – John Kennedy’s

    Stealth Retractor

    Ammar’s Threading the Needle

    Care and Feeding of the Stealth Retractor

    Rising Business Cards

    Rising Card

    Self-Turning Page

  • Section 6 – Bonus Guest Star James George

    The Floating Pencil

    Tips & Theory

    Why Threads Break and How To Avoid

    Practicing with Threads

    Controlling Your Space

    The Hierarchy of Astonishment

    Language : English.

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