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Practical mental effects (Théodore Annemann)

Practical mental effects
Practical mental effects


This book written by Ted Annemann will enjoy the mentalism lovers. Whatever your level of expertise, you can benefit of its numerous mentalism effects.
310 illustrated pages that compile the selected mentalism effets first presented by Ted Annemann it its magic magazine ''Jink''.
Numerous effects are proposed in 12 chapters with no special equipment and will amaze your audience.


  • Chapter 1: Effects with billet (the mentalist reveals what is written on a piece of paper...).
  • Chapter 2: Publicity effects (deals with media).
  • Chapter 3: Dead or Alive (guess a name written by a spectator...).
  • Chapter 4: Book tests (read a word determined by a spectator...).
  • Chapter 5: Thought foretold (predictions).
  • Chapter 6: Miscellaneous mental masterpieces.
  • Chapter 7: Envelope necromancy.
  • Chapter 8: Miracle slate routines (messages appear...).
  • Chapter 9: Money mentalism (read the seria no...).
  • Chapter 10: Blindfold reading (block your vision, still getting info...).
  • Chapter 11: Mentalism with cards (find chosen card...).
  • Chapter 12: Psychic codes (secret communication...).

    310 illustrated pages English language.
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