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Zig-Zag set

Zig-Zag set
Zig-Zag set
Zig-Zag set
Zig-Zag set


This is 3 classic tricks for the young beginners who want to amaze their friends.

Very easy to perform, they will allow you to amaze a lot of people.

The tricks:
  • Zig-Zag Pen :

Give a pen for examination.

You place it in a box that the audience can sees.

You suddenly move the central part.

The pencil is now cut in 3 pieces that you give to the audience for examination.

After the examination, you put the pieces back into the box and you move the central part to its original position... the pencil is now an entire pen!!!

you give the pencil to the audience for examination.

There is no appearing cut on it!!!!

  • Zig-Zag Rope :

This trick is as surprising as easy to perform

Put the rope inside the boc and cut it into two part. Then restore it immediately.

To end, give the rope to the audience for examination in order to show it is an ordinary rope.

  • A very easy trick, perfect for young beginners.

    • Zig-Zag Card :

    This tricks is similar to the Zig Zag girl illusion but with a card.

    You put a card in the frame and you push it untill it can be seen.

    After a short story, you can move the central part and clearly show that the card is divided into three pieces.

    Once the illusion performed, you restore the card in order to give it to the audience for examination.

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    Difficulty of level 1 for this magic's trick