Folding Coin 50 cts d'euro (Double + DVD) (Mr Tango)

Folding Coin 50 cts d'euro (Double + DVD)


Afraid to borrow a coin because of different back designs? Problem solved! As you know, coins in Europe and the US have an unfortunate recent trend: the backs of the coins are all different! When you borrow a coin to perform Coin in Bottle, you never know what kind of back design you will receive.Problem solved! Now Tango Magic makes double-sided folding coins for just this purpose. This way, at a quick glance, the coin inside the bottle will always match the one you borrowed!This coin is available in quarter, dollar, and 50-cent Euro coins. Better still, each package includes an instructional DVD explaining a spectacular handling for Coin in Bottle.
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Difficulty of level 3 for this magic's trick
49 €39.2 Profit 20 %