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Houdini on Magic (Walter B. Gibson)

Houdini on Magic
Houdini on Magic



This book is Harry HOUDINI’s own account of these exploits, supplemented with rare photographs and posters, first-hand material from periodicals and pamphlets, and behind-the-scenes revelations of some of the master’s most prized secrets : how he picked locks, how he sawed a girl in half to become twins, how he walked through a brick wall, how a girl can vanish from a sheet of plate glass without trapdoors, hoists, mirrors, or other such apparatus.

There are also instructions for performing 44 stage tricks, including the coin and glass, the Indian needle trick, and others standards. These are illustrated with diagram sequences that cover every step in performance. Finally, of special interest to many readers are HOUDINI’s accounts of great magicians of history and of HOUDINI’s own battles with spiritualists and fraudulent mediums.


  • Houdini on handcuffs and restraints

  • Houdini on rope magic

  • Houdini on magicians

  • Houdini on challenges and escapes

  • Houdini on spooks

  • Houdini on tricks

  • Houdini on miscellaneous mystery

  • Houdini on the right way to do wrong

    Language : english - Format : 13,5 x 20 cm – Illustrated - 296 pages.

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