Power Pull (DVD + Gimmick) (Jadugar Uday)

Power Pull (DVD + Gimmick)


A really New Effect based on no existing principle. Newly invented. Power-pull is 100% powerful! It increases your personal magnetism, by slowly decreasing and completely draining out the strong neodymium magnets. Strong magnets are handed to the spectator by placing one in each hand. The Magician explains to the spectator that the magnet will be demagnetized with out heating it at high temperature. And slowly rubs their hands. The process is actually quite interesting as the magnetic power doesn't just drain all at once, but very slowly loses its power. No switches! No sleights! No funny moves what so ever! The Magnetic power drains slowly in the hands of the spectator. The power of the magnets can be transferred to non magnetic items like Plastic Sharpie, Deck of cards. Instantly repeatable! NO PRACTICE. NO THREAD, NO SWITCH, NO EXTRA MAGNETS, NO PALMING. NO SWITCHING SKILL IS REQUIRED. AUDIENCE WILL DO EVERYTHING FOR YOU. YOU JUST PRACTICE HOW TO WAVE THE HAND LIKE A MENTALIST. Easy to do, you will perform this effectively within a no time. No practice is required. Uday has done everything. You need not do anything except perform as said above. Kids above 12 years can show their brian power. Real Magic power would not look any different, prepare to be mind blown by what has to be one of the most ingenious and clever methods ever created for a close up Magic Effect, you will love the special secret and the diabolical method as much as you will the stunned look on the spectators' faces! Nothing to reset. Nothing to add.
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Difficulty of level 3 for this magic's trick