Jeu Phoenix Parlour Marqué ( Card-Shark)

Jeu Phoenix Parlour Marqué


Finally the Parlour Deck is back!

Comparison Parlour cards to Poker cards :

The markings are similar to the ones used on our Phoenix Marked Deck and Phoenix Double Deckers, but this time we even went a step further and marked all four corners, making this deck even perfect for all the Lefties of you.

Every magician who saw our marked Phoenix Decks stated that this the World?s Best Marked Deck.

All markings are situated at the same spot right in each corner, so even the slightest opened fan will allow you to read the marking. If the back design gets into view, you will be able to spot the value. Can't get easier!

Available with red or blue Phoenix backs in the new Parlour dimension.

Main features of the Parlour Deck:

- High visibilty for Close-up, Parlour and Stage performances
- Cards still look like Poker sized cards to your audience
- All the features of the Phoenix Deck are also built into the Parlour design (ie: one way design on the backs and faces)
- All sleights that could be performed with Poker sized cards can be done with the new Parlour size, so you will get used to the new size extremely fast
- The cards are produced on our Card-Shark stock that matches the US playing card stock used for Bicycle Decks, our Smooth Glide Finish will guarantee beautiful looking fans and flourishes
- Perfect as a training deck. If you train your sleights with the Parlour Deck, performing them with Poker sized cards is a breeze. It is as if you would perform Poker Deck sleights with a Bridge size deck.
- Many specialty decks and effects already exist in this new size, including Double Deckers, Ultimate Brainwave, Get Sharky, Invisible Decks etc.
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Difficulty of level 2 for this magic's trick