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You present a deck with 4 cards that you show one by one.

There are 3 cards with dots, and a figure.

You explain that this card is a "vampire card" and that it sucks blood of the other cards.

Put the vampire card on another card and instantaneously, this card become white on both sides. The vampire card sucks the colors.

Retry with the other cards, the same miracle" happends.

Explain finally that vampires don't exist, and show the vampire card. Now it is blank too !

  • Un tour facile à faire et très visuel.

  • Faisable de table en table.

  • Livré complet avec les cartes Bicycle format Poker et la notice en français.
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    Difficulty of level 3 for this magic's trick
    Pdf instructions in French Pdf instructions in English Pdf instructions in Italian
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