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Shrinker (A. Mayne) (Andrew Mayne)

Shrinker (A. Mayne) - andrew mayne


From Andrew Mayne, creator of Ghost Vision and Gut Buster, an astounding new solo illusion.


Imagine being able to shrink down to just two feet in height before your audience with no boxes or covers.
Shrinker makes that possible.

A revolutionary illusion that goes way beyond anything before it.
In full view you’ll be able to shrink yourself, walk around and then restore your height as baffled spectators watch.
Use it as an opening, a closing or at any other time in your show. Or just mess with random people on the street.

Along with the Shrinker presentation you’ll get several different applications for a variety of performing situations including Shrinker Entrance: An appearance utilizing Shrinker that can be performed in a 360 degree environment.
Shrinker can be used on stage, in children’s shows and in your living room.

  • Shrinker comes complete with apparatus and DVD instructions (25 minutes running time).

  • Everything can be assembled in minutes.


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Difficulty of level 2 for this magic's trick