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Iguana (J. Pablo) (Juan Pablo Ibañez)

Iguana (J. Pablo) - juan-pablo ibanez


The effect:

A card is randomly selected and signed by a spectator.
The magician asks that the card box be signed as well and returns the deck with the signed card to the box.

Then the magician quickly covers the deck with a silk, pulls it back to reveal that the box is gone, leaving only the cards behind.

Upon closer inspection the signed card has vanished too!

The magician produces a card box from his jacket and it has the spectator's signature.

Opening the box, a single card is found inside which happens to be the signed card!

Iguana is a new tool that will allow you to perform close-up, parlour or stage magic with a lot of different props.

  • Far more than a trick,
  • Way beyond a gimmick,
  • Much more than you can imagine.

    With the Iguana one can perform the “card in wallet”, make a cigarette pack vanish, 'bill in lemon' and many many other amazing effects.

  • Comes complete with Iguana tool and instructional DVD.

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    Difficulty of level 4 for this magic's trick