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DVD Wizard Pk ring

DVD Wizard Pk ring


This is THE DVD that will allow you to perform new routines and to amaze even more your audience.

An essential video for the Pk ring owners. There is so much you can do with this ring.

Sit down and enjoy it!


  • Coin thru can
  • Glass bottle penetration
  • Plastic bottle penetration
  • Matchbox penetration
  • Psychic matchbox
  • Stopping time
  • Haunted deck
  • Deck penetration
  • Coin transpo
  • Psychic coins
  • Coin balance
  • Chopless chopcup
  • Haunted fork
  • The haunted tom
  • Beer mat penetration

    Written by and taught to you by the creators of the original Wizard pk ring.

Language: English, Running time: 50 min

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No Difficulty for this magic's trick
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