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DVD Incredible magic at the bar vol.1 (M. Maxwell) (Mike Maxwell)

DVD Incredible magic at the bar vol.1 (M. Maxwell) - mike maxwell


Michael Maxwell's Incredible Magic...Made Easy! is a multi-volume DVD series designed to teach you how to easily master and perform some of the greatest magic tricks ever created!

Each set in the series covers a different and unique type of magic, such as Bar Magic, Card Magic, Coin Magic, Rope Magic, Silk Magic, Impromptu Magic, Mental Magic, Money Magic and many more!

Magic at the Bar, Volume 1 teaches you the incredible secrets of performing magic at the bar. Amazing magical effects that are easy to perform on either side of the bar, but especially suitable for bartenders who wish to raise their image top a new level.

Return customers are guaranteed; they will bring their friends to witness your incredible magic. Imagine the extra cash you can earn by increasing your tips...all because you have baffled and entertained your customers like never before!

Volume 1 also contains incredible bonus effects from some of magic's greatest superstars:

  • Lennart Green - Appearing Glass of Liquid
  • Guy Bavli - Miracle with a Fork
  • Johnny Hirose - Rip-It Revolutionized

    EXTRA BONUS! A trial version of Barware Deluxe, an amazing software program that "virtually" teaches you how to mix almost any cocktail!

    SUPER BONUS! A special gaffed card needed for Michael Maxwell's Anywhere Cards, an incredible effect wherein two selected cards magically travel to two impossible locations!


    • Invisible Deck
    • Professor's Nightmare
    • Vanishing Napkin
    • Book Test(Maxwell)
    • Number Prediction(Maxwell)
    • Fizz Master(Harris)
    • Twisted Sisters(Bannon)
    • Ghost Handkerchief
    • Coin Prediction
    • Heads I Win
    • Peebody
    • Flying Match
    • Happy Birthday Trick
    • Glass through Bar
    • Anywhere Cards(Maxwell)
    • Appearing Glass of Liquid(Green)
    • Miracle with a Fork(Bavli)
    • Rip-It Revolutionized(Hirose)

    Language: English, Running time: 1h56
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