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Kundalini Rising (J. McBride) (Jeff Mc Bride)

Kundalini Rising (J. McBride)
Kundalini Rising (J. McBride)


The magician show a deck which is new, the seal unbroken.

He bids a spectator to open the pack and shuffle the cards.

Then to cut. The spectator keep one half and surrender the remainder to the magician.

From his cards the spectator selects one (assuming the five of clubs), unknown to the magician.

"Press the card to your forehead, imprint it in your mind" the magician tells the spectator.

Then the magician collects all the cards, the spectator’s included and replaces them in the pack.

He gives the spectator the deck, then steps back, out of reach.

The spectator holds the pack in his right hand at arm's length. The magician asks him to relax, and draw deep breaths while picturing the card.

Relaxed now, at his request the spectator holds the breaths briefly, then blow the air out through the deck in his hand. Once, twice, three times.

With the third breath, a card rises mysteriously, majestically, from the deck, as if pulled by unseen hands. It is the five of clubs! It is magic.

    Impressions :

    "Dangerously close to the real thing...the best rising card routine ever!"
    - Paul Harris

    "This routine is genuinely marvelous!"
    - Eugene Burger

    "This is strong magic that will get your audience right in the 'chakras.”
    - Max Maven

    The gimmick is provided along with the 10 pages booklet.

Language: English, Size: 13,7 x 21,6 cm.

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