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DVD Extreme Coin Magic (J. Rindfleisch) (Joe Rindfleish)

DVD Extreme Coin Magic (J. Rindfleisch) - joe rindfleish


Unfettered by coin magic's time (worn traditional plots), Joe Rindfleisch has invented some of the most creative magic with coins ever developed and on this digital extravaganza, you'll be able to see (and learn) it all!

There's almost two and a half hours of mind-bending coin magic here (27 different items) with brand-new plots, exciting twists on classic effects, and innovative sleights, dodges and stratagems that are guaranteed to warm the heart of coin workers everywhere.

What's more, all of the effects are arranged in performance sets as Joe, besides performing and teaching his powerhouse material, provides a post-graduate course in how to effectively routine close-up magic.


  • ACT 1
    - Homeward bound
    - Coins on clothesline
    - Downs would be proud
    - Jr coins across
    - Matrixy

  • ACT 2
    - Rindfleisch okito box routine
    - Invisible dust
    - Ambitious coin
    - Cards and coins

  • ACT 3
    - In the hands ambitious coin
    - The fidgety coin
    - High rise matrix
    - Hopping no gaffs

  • ACT 4
    - Hangin’ around
    - 6 Coin transpo
    - No gimmick copper/silver
    - Human copentro

  • ACT 5
    - Mind over matter
    - Coins through
    - Borrowed hands

  • ACT 6
    - Joe’s bending coin
    - Polished sterling
    - Dust to dust
    - Flipping a coin
    - Gone itm
    - Keep your hand closed
    - Coin in pen 1, 2, 3
    - Disintegrated

Language: English, Running time: 2h25

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